For this project at Goucher College, I planned to take 375 photos, edit them, print them, and hang them on the windows of the Spence Critique room in the Meyerhoff building.
The photos were printed on backlight paper, meaning when lit from behind, the images would light up, so during the day the inside of the room would be filled with color, and at night color would project outside into campus. I had to hand cut each piece of paper the photos were printed on, because the windows were not perfect squares, but were 10.75 inches by 11.25 inches. Some photos were treated with water, in order to let the ink run across the plastic to create an abstract stained glass effect.
The whole process of taking photos, editing, and printing, took about ten weeks, and the installing of the piece in the Spence Critique room took about 17 hours. I began in the afternoon, sorting the images and deciding where I wanted them to go, and stayed into the night hanging them. The next morning, when I came into the Critique room, the whole room was flooded with the light and color from my art, and it was up for a total of five days.

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