In the fall of 2018, Goucher College unveiled a new building on its campus: a state of the art dining hall. One section of the dining hall was completely covered in what seemed like a mosaic wall of windows. A year after its opening, I realized the wall of windows faced east, and if one woke up early enough you could watch the sun rise over the dining hall. I photographed that view from the dining hall at various times of the day, and what came out of it was beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I printed these photos on backlight paper, the largest of the photos being 9 feet tall, and installed them over the course of a week. During the day, the sunlight poured into the room in vibrant colors, creating a golden hour over mealtimes. At night, the colors projected out of the building. When sitting in the room over the course of the day, with many different versions of the sky, it became quite hypnotic. 
The entire process of photographing, editing, and installing took roughly 14 weeks. I would like to thank Goucher College for allowing me to do this project and the Facilities Management Services for all their help installing. 

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